Sermons by Ps Reuben Baker

God’s But’s

22/03/15. Speaker Pastor Reuben Baker. Continuing on from last weeks message “Looking at our buts”, we learn that God has “buts” as well but uses them to draw us closer to Him unlike our “buts” that push us away. Click to listen on Podomatic

Being a wise steward of finances

Stewardship is managing everything God brings into the believers’ life in a manner that honours God and impacts eternity – even our finances. Ps Reuben shares some key bible scriptures that give direction on how to honour God first with our finances.  Listen on PodOmatic

Being a good Steward of time

Are we living for the now or are we living that the now invests into eternity? Ps Reuben speaks on the importance of using our time wisely with the view that it invests into eternity. Listen on PodOmatic